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Bishop PROF. RUDOLPH KWANUE Snr. gibu founder



BISHOP Prof. RUDOLPH Q. KWANUE, SR. PhD. Is a Clergyman, an internationally certified and recognized Professor, a Liberian who hails from Nimba County, a resident of Pipeline, Wein town Community, Paynesville City, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia.

Prof. Rudolph was born on 28, December 1985, to the union of Mr. & Mrs. David, Betty Kwanue; at Beo. Gbehnelay Town, Nimba County, Republic of Liberia.


He began his primary education at the Beo-Gbehnelay Public School at his village where he later received double promotions in series as a result, his instructors were troubled because of his brilliant scores.

In 2001, he traveled from the village to Monrovia where he entered the Morris T. Zazy Public School at 72nd Barracks and completed his junior high school.


He is also a licensed Professor who helps many Universities worldwide with Curriculum Development, a Thesis & Dissertation Project Supervisor at Graduate School, International Kingdom University, USA, GIBU, Macedonia Bible College Nigeria, and many more.


On the other hand, he is a consecrated and internationally Licensed Presiding Bishop over Christian Leaders Connection CLC, his own Association, which he founded on December 5, 2018 and Church of Grace International Ministries Inc. in 2007


. Presently, Prof. Rudolph is the Founder, Chancellor and international Director of the Grace International Bible University, which is currently offering free tuition to Christians around the world, from Certificate to Doctorate Degree programs in about (151) nations around the globe, including the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Asia, Mexico, and Nassau Bahamas and across the Caribbean region.

Frequently, people discussed him both nationally and internationally as Father of Motivation, Father of Correction, Kingdom Promoter, Church Planter, Life Coaching, Bible Scholar, Mind Builder, Pastoral Counselor, Vision Promoters, International Speaker, bringing respect to the Body of Christ; Founder of Christian Leaders Connection (C.L.C.), Founder Bible University, Bishop of Church of Grace International

iace founder and ceo

Founder and CEO at International Accreditation Commission for Education I.A.C.E, Founder of Pastor Rudolph Cares Foundation PRCF, Founder and Presiding Bishop of Christian Leaders Connection (C.L.C), Proprietor of Grace Mission School, A Visionary Leader, An Author, The First Generational Preacher.

Bishop Prof. Rudolph Q. Kwanue, Sr. is happily married to Rev. Mother. Rita N. Kwanue since January 2, 2002 and they are blessed with four sons, Rudolph Jr. Abel, Timothy and Daniel Kwanue.

Prof. Rudolph has traveled extensively across the World, conducting Biblical education and conferring degrees on his successful students who have completed with their studies, consecrating Bishops, ordaining Ministers of the Gospel and licensing them for the promotion of the Kingdom of God.

Listed below are some of Prof. Rudolph strengths & weaknesses.*

Bishop Prof. Rudolph Strength

He loves reading, writing books, articles, stories, magazines, newsletters and to develop information related to education
Listening to oldest people lectures and stories Loves to investigate cases involving marriage couples Loves making peace Loves to have fun with his family (wife & Kids). Showing hospitality & kindness to everyone Have a humanitarian heart Loves preaching the Word of God, Loves teaching, & coaching others Loves giving word of motivation to the deprived and broken hearts people 11.Loves to make advocacy for all 12. Loves to make secret prayers and spend short time of fasting (three days plus) 13. Love to support serious people, mainly the youthful ones

Bishop Prof. Rudolph's weaknesses:

1.He hates darkness Hates people who tell lies Hates fake friends Accepts all views/ testimonies Hates too much talking Hate false allegations 7. Hate evil friends Hates people who don't appreciate kindness shown them. Hates too much rainfall with heavy storm Hates betrayers He hates violence of any kinds Hates to see people/ government’s maltreatments against peaceful citizens and organizations

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